Bankruptcy Trustee In Toronto

How To Lose Your Debt Without Losing Your Shirt - Or Your House Or Your Car



Licensed Insolvency Trustee In Toronto

Hello, my name is Ira Smith. I am a bankruptcy trustee in Toronto. That is actually the old name. The new name is a licensed insolvency trustee in Toronto. However, most people still call us a bankruptcy trustee. I know that title strikes fear in people’s hearts. I get it.  

What people do not realize is that we do our best to be a credit counsellor, debt advisor, credit repair advisor and debt settlement company. This might sound weird to you, but, everything we do is done to try our best to help people and companies avoid bankruptcy. We want you to stay far away from bankruptcy. We use new methods to help entrepreneurs and their companies, and people who are truly serious about fixing their debt problems.

Bankruptcy Trustee In Toronto

I started my career helping people and companies fix their debt problems in 1979. In 1985, I received my trustee license. I do this work because I truly enjoy helping people and companies regain control over their debt problems, solving family crises and making sure businesses will survive.
For many years I was a partner in a global financial services firm based out of Toronto, Ontario. I found that I was forced to spend so much time on the internal firm stuff and charging the highest fees possible to keep senior management happy. I was spending less and less time actually helping people. The fees charged at this big firm, and every big firm, were and still are outrageous.

On my own in Toronto

So, in 2005, I left to start my own company, Ira Smith Trustee & Receiver Inc. In 2007, my older son Brandon joined me. In 2012 he also received his licensed insolvency trustee designation and became a bankruptcy trustee in Toronto. Our firm has 5 people. Brandon and I are the only trustees. So, unlike most other firms, when you deal with us, you are dealing with the bankruptcy trustee in Toronto in a real family business.

It Is Not Your Fault

What I have found over my career is that not being able to solve your debt problems by yourself is not your fault. The reason you cannot do it on your own is that you have only been taught the old ways. The old ways just do not work anymore. Maybe they worked in the 1960s and 1970s, but they do not work now.
Using the old methods, people and businesses who seriously want to get rid of their debt and repair their credit will never get their heads above water. Again, it is not their fault; they only know what they have been taught. With our new methods, we can focus on and strategize with you to make sure that you will steer clear of the old methods that are a thing of the past. We will teach you the new methods that actually do work. Many people, after learning the new method, don’t even need our help anymore. 

No-Cost Help For You Right Now

Above me you will see two buttons; CLICK HERE NOW TO DOWNLOAD YOUR NO-COST HELP GUIDE. I have prepared an eBook called 8 Mistakes To Avoid When You Are Having Money Problems. Click on the button and you can get it at no cost. You should check that page from time to time because I will be adding more no-cost tools you can use.
Second, you will see a button that says CLICK HERE NOW TO GET THE ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS. It will lead you to a page that will show you the same phone number that is listed on this page. That phone number goes straight to my cell phone. The page will also have space for you to ask your questions in writing. Use either one; email or call me. Ask me whatever questions you may have about credit repair and wiping away debt. That is the value I want to give you today.