The 3 Things That Makes Us Unique

The first

Our firm has 5 people. Brandon as well as I am the only licensed insolvency trustees. So, unlike many other firms, if we accept you as a client when you work with us, you are dealing with the bankruptcy trustee in Toronto in a genuine family business. You are not delegated to clerks like most of our competitors will do.  
Brandon and I have a vested interest in making sure that we give you the best professional advice and help to eliminate your debt and repair your credit.  
I must admit, we do have a selfish interest to help you. The better we do, the more likely you are to refer a friend or family member to us who have run into trouble. So, our interests and those of our clients are very much joined at the hip! This is the first thing that makes us different from another bankruptcy trustee in Toronto.


The second

The second thing that makes us different is that we are very focussed. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs whose companies need debt restructuring and people who are very serious about getting debt relief and credit repair.

The third

The third thing that makes us different is that we are very particular about who we invest our time assisting. We cannot help everyone who contacts us. We must be really focussed, because, that is what entrepreneurs and their companies, as well as people who are serious about obtaining debt settlement, debt restructuring and credit score repair services, expect from us. So if we accept you as a client, we have a very simple agreement we need to make. We will both work seriously in lifting the debt problems completely off of your shoulders. Brandon and I will take over your worries. We will deal with your bill collectors, the Canada Revenue Agency collections people or your banker who is hounding you and your company.